Take the ultimate tour of the Faroe Islands, one of the most beautiful and beguiling places on earth. Custom tours available on request.


The Islands


The Faroe Islands is located in the North Atlantic, about an equal distance from Iceland, Norway, and Scotland. In 2007, National Geographic Traveler named the Faroe Islands the "Best Island Destination" in the world, calling it, "authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so." Now you can explore the Faroe Islands on a tour unlike any other: the ultimate insiders’ itinerary to connect you with the best of Faroese culture, places and people. 

The Tour 

The Team

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We know the Faroe Islands inside and out. In 2009, we started the Faroe Islands Podcast to tell people about this undiscovered Nordic gem. Two hundred episodes later, we're ready to bring a small group of travelers to the Faroes and introduce them to the places and the people that make this country so special.

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The People

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The Faroese are descended from hearty Viking men who left Norway some 1,000 years ago, and the women they spirited away from Scotland and Ireland. Centuries of hardscrabble living earned the Faroese a reputation for being tough and stoic. But these days, mellowed by modernization, they're better known for their astounding musical and artistic creativity. On this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with remarkable Faroese people and experience the islands through their eyes, music, art and work. And the stoic reputation? You’ll find it’s not so accurate anymore.  

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