From Suduroy to Viðareiði, We'll Show You The Faroes Like Nobody Else Can.

Note: This is the preliminary itinerary for the 2018 tour. Many of the summer's cultural events won't be announced for several months. We will update our plans as those events are announced. Contact us as faroepodcast@gmail for further details.

Monday, July 2:

Travel day for tour participants traveling from North America to Copenhagen. Note that if you arrive in Copenhagen with time to spare, there are easy train connections between the airport and the center city, in case you want to spend time in this lovely European capitol.

Tuesday, July 3:

Arrival in Copenhagen. If arriving by air, you need to allow sufficient time to clear customs, claim your bags and then re-check them for our Atlantic Airways flight, which will depart in the early evening. All tour members will meet in the airport in the mid-late afternoon and fly together to the Faroe Islands. Atlantic Airways is famous for having some of the most skilled pilots anywhere, and for offering free booze on all flights. So you’ll certainly be able to occupy yourselves during the two-hour journey.

Once at Vagar Airport, we’ll collect our van and drive to the capital, Torshavn. The largest city in the Faroes (home to about 19,000 people) will be our home base for the duration of the tour. We will arrive in Torshavn in the evening, but there will still be plenty of time to grab some late-night food before the sun dips below the horizon around 11:00 PM.

Wednesday, July 4:

We’ll take it easy this morning and shake off the jet lag with a walking tour of Torshavn led by an avid raconteur and native son of the city. We’ll stroll the main pedestrian street, named for the Faroe Islands’ only Nobel Prize winner, learn the history of Torshavn’s earliest settlers, and imagine a time when the busiest street in the capitol was so narrow, you could span it with your arms.

We’ll spend the afternoon in the historic village of Kirkjubøur, home to the remains of a cathedral that dates back to the 13th century, a house that has been continually inhabited for 900 years, and one of the country’s most gifted artists. We’ll visit them all.

Dinner in Torshavn will include the first in our “Dinner Guest” series. Most nights, we’ll be joined for dinner by a poet, politician, historian, activist or some other interesting person who will share their unique perspectives as we dine.

The evening will conclude with the first of our tour’s “Living Room Concerts.” We've arranged for some of the country’s finest musicians to play brief, intimate concerts in the Torshavn home of a prominent Faroese musician and cultural advocate.

Thursday, July 5:

Ask any Faroese what is the most beautiful island in the country, and the answer you'll likely get back is "Mykines." The island is home to just 13 people who live in a single village, and one of the most spectacular hikes you'll likely ever take. The hike starts in the village of Mykines and climbs the steep hillside to the west, then follows the ridge-line until it reaches the breeding grounds of a puffin colony. If you're interested in seeing puffins, this is your moment. On a good year, there are thousands of puffins on the ground and in the air. Bring your camera, sturdy shoes, and rain gear: you'll probably need all three. 

The hike continues over a spectacular footbridge to the Mykines lighthouse. On a clear day, this section of the hike provides some of the most spectacular views you'll see anywhere in the world. You'll certainly want to take some photos, but nothing will be able to convey how truly overwhelming it is to stand on that mountaintop. You just have to be there. We'll eat lunch at the lighthouse and hike back to the village before taking the ferry back to "the mainland." We'll have dinner in Torshavn, after which you'll suggest we all just turn in early tonight.

Friday, July 6:

It’s road trip Friday. After breakfast, we take the longest road trip you can make in the Faroe Islands. Granted, the total drive time is less than two hours, but it’s as far as you can possibly go via automobile. We’ll travel north and east on our way to the village of Viðareiði. Along the way, we’ll stop in Fuglafjørður and speak to people who live in this out-of-the-way village that’s become something of an artist’s refuge. In Klaksvik, we’ll tour the local brewery that sells beer to a country that was, until fairly recently, completely dry. We’ll also spend a little time in the tunnels north of Klaksvik. Built in the 1960s, they’re one lane wide, with no lights. Local legend says they’re haunted, and we even have a recording taken in the tunnels that certainly sounds like ghosts. Will we encounter any? There’s always a chance.

Saturday, July 7:

Today, we journey west. Miðvágur on the island of Vágar is hosting its summer festival this weekend. We’ll take advantage of the opportunity to sample the local fare and cheer on the traditional rowing competition. Later, we’ll visit Sandavágur and speak with Tollakur Hansen about growing up here. We’ll hike out to the Witch’s Finger, a spot that, when the weather is right, offers views of seven of the islands. It's a place you can spend hours doing nothing more than contemplating the majesty of the view.

We’ll end our stay on Vágar by visiting the World War II museum and learning about the largely unknown role the Faroe Islands played in the war.

Then it’s back to Torshavn for another Dinner Guest. Saturday evening we will experience the nightlife in Torshavn. Believe it or not, there is a surprisingly vibrant nightlife here, especially on a Saturday night in July. Most of the best spots are just a few steps away from our hotel. If you’re so inclined, this could be a late night.

Sunday, July 8:

Depending on how your Saturday night went, you may feel like you need a little forgiveness today. So for those who are up in time (no judgment), we’ll head across the street to the Torshavn Cathedral and attend a service. After that the church-goers, and those who chose to sleep in, will enjoy Sunday brunch with Faroese theologian and writer Arni Zaccariasen. We'll have a brunch-time chat about the history of religion in the Faroe Islands.

We'll use the afternoon for a good old fashioned Sunday drive. There are a handful of breathtaking villages on Streymoy and Eysturoy we haven't seen yet, one of which includes a football (soccer) pitch that regularly makes the lists of "The Most Beautiful Football Pitches On Earth."

Our evening meal will feature another Dinner Guest, followed by a Living Room Concert.

Monday, July 9:

It’s up early to catch the 8:30 ferry to Suduroy. This southern island is often neglected by visitors to the Faroes, but not by us. The island has glorious scenery, a working coal mine, the first Faroese flag, and bird cliffs you can walk right up to. It also boasts the most laid-back atmosphere in the Faroe Islands, and that’s really saying something.

Mid-July is also sheep shearing season, so we’ll likely come across villagers who have driven their sheep down from the hills to get sheared the old fashioned way. If we come across such a scene (highly likely) we will certainly pull over and check it out.

We’ll sail back to Torshavn in time for another Dinner Guest experience.

Tuesday, July 10:

Generals say no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. A similar thing could be said of any tour to a place with the nickname “The Land of Maybe.” The weather and circumstance will likely cause us to alter our plans slightly as we go along. Our last full day in the Faroes is the day where we do the things we may have missed  and revisit the things we simply must see one last time. On Monday night’s journey back to Torshavn, we’ll work our game plan for Tuesday.

The day will end with a gourmet meal prepared by one of the finest chefs in the Faroes. It will be a memorable final night in the Faroe Islands, and a chance to remember the past week and reconnect with some of the new friends we've met along the way.

Wednesday, July 11:

This morning we leave for the airport early. The return flight to Copenhagen departs at 9:00 AM, but mornings at Vagar can be hectic, so our goal is to arrive at least an hour ahead. That means leaving for the airport by 7:00 AM.

Optional Extension – The G! Festival:

For those of you not yet ready to leave the Faroes, you have the option of staying another four days to take in the G! Festival running July 14-16. Now in its 15th year, the G! Festival is earning a reputation as one of the best small music festivals in the world. On Wednesday the 16th, we will provide transportation to Gota, the festival location, as well as a three-day festival pass. We will arrange for you to stay in a private Faroese residence in Gota for the duration of the festival. And when it’s all over, we’ll transport you safely to the airport on Sunday July 17th for your return flight to Copenhagen.