The Faroe Islands, an Insider's Tour.


This nine-day tour is for the traveler who not only wants to see the sights in the North Atlantic’s pristine Faroe Islands, but also to connect at a personal level with the place, its culture and people. 

The Faroe Islands isn't a typical country, and this isn't a typical tour. Big buses and large groups aren't very Faroese, so we keep our groups small enough to fit into the living room of a modest Faroese home. As befits a country with the nickname, "The Land of Maybe," we're fond of taking detours and making time to take tea in the home of someone who might have been a stranger earlier in the day. On our 2014 tour, we bumped into the Prime Minister while we were having breakfast. 

You’ll see remote, Viking-founded villages some consider the most beautiful in the world: Saksun, Gásadalur, Gjógv, and Tvøroyri, among others. You will sail to Vestmanna bird cliffs to marvel at the summer nesting grounds of native species. You will visit favorite museums, cathedrals and other heritage sites featuring Faroese art and history.  

But you’ll also experience something much deeper. You will  visit places most tourists never know about. You’ll enjoy the hospitality of local guides to acquaint you with the cherished legends and secret histories of their home villages. You’ll explore spooky tunnels and search for the ghosts that are said to live there. 

As part of the tour’s “Dinner Guest” series, you will meet notable Faroese musicians, artists, politicians, historians and theologians hand-picked to entertain and enlighten you about their native land. You’ll hear some of the best music the islands have to offer in small, exclusive performances arranged especially for this tour.

If the weather holds out, you may even get to climb a mountain (note: as mountain climbs go this one is more strenuous than climbing the stairs in your home, but less strenuous than, say, Everest).

The tour will end with a feast prepared by one of the top chefs in Europe, who returned to his home in the Faroe Islands several years ago and has since revolutionized Faroese cuisine.

Those who want to stay a few extra days will have the option of extending their tour to include the G! Festival, a three-day event that features outstanding music from the Faroe Islands and around the world. The Guardian newspaper has described it as “perhaps the wildest event on the festival calendar.”

When you get back on the plane after your tour, you’ll be a little different than when you arrived. You will be tired, yet somehow rested. You’ll have a phone or camera filled with breathtaking images that still don’t capture the stunning beauty of the islands. You’ll have the contact information you exchanged with new Faroese friends whom you’ll never forget. Your head will be filled with songs that keep rolling through your mind, and memories you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else in the world. 

Join us for this expedition of a lifetime. 




Leave Copenhagen: July 5

Return to Copenhagen: July 13th.


Tour Price Includes

Airfare from Copenhagen


Breakfast and Dinner


All museums, excursions, and attractions.

Ground transportation