Bringing You an Insider's Perspective on the Faroe Islands

Matthew Workman, Guide


Matthew Workman is a journalist and writer who lives in Portland, Oregon. In 2009, he started the Faroe Islands Podcast with some of his Faroese friends. Since then, Matthew has made numerous trips to the Faroes to collect interviews and sound recordings for the show. In 2012, the Faroe Islands Podcast was named "European Podcast of the Year" by the European Podcast Awards. The people he met and experiences he had over the course of recording 200 episodes of the show inspired Matthew to put together this tour and create opportunities for others to experience the marvels of this singular place .

Elin Brimheim Heinesen, Music Coordinator

Eiln is a musician and writer who has worked much of her professional life promoting Faroese music and tourism. As one half of the group Nalja, she co-wrote and performed a song that has become a classic during Olavsoka, the Faroese national holiday. She has since found success as a solo artist and the creator of

Elin will be hosting and curating our Living Room Concert series, where some of the brightest names in the Faroese music scene will play exclusive shows for our tour.


Tollakkur Hansen, Guide

Tollak Hansen is a lifetime resident of the Faroes and the co-founder of The Faroe Islands Podcast. He has assisted tour guides and television crews as they explored the Faroe Islands for the first time.

Tollak will be leading the tour through his home village, Sandavágur and helping us hike up the historic mountain peak just down the road.